South Africa and Foundation The Learning Journey

During a visit to South Africa Toine discovered that besides of the country he was born in, he has a motherland. South Africa did not let him go. Therefore, he founded together with Hans van Alebeek Foundation The Learning Journey in 2006. This foundation promotes' ownpowerment "of people in deprived areas in the Western Cape of South Africa. Ownpowerment is a contraction of ownership and empowerment. This means that they support people who take responsibility for their own development by taking the initiative themselves. These are projects focused on education and community development. Investing in people is the key.

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Budget Office

Besides founding board member of Foundation The Learning Journey Toine is also founder and together with two South Africans shares responsibility for the South African budget office Ndima Yam, what is 'Xhosa'. In Dutch it means "take your own responsibility. 'Xhosa' is also one of the eleven languages ​​spoken in South Africa. Ndima Yam gives workshops in schools to young people who enter the labor market and earn money. Also supports Ndima Yam people to bring their financial house in order. The agency works with other NGOs, local authorities and housing associations.


Toine is a sportsman going for a real challenge, excitement and speed. He especially loves cycling, skydiving and motorcycling.

Music is a real inspiration for Toine and exhaust valve. He enjoys solid rock and blues ultimate. Texts can move him and really makes him think.

Toine is a true Dutchman. In 1960, born in Tilburg, the eldest and only son of a traditional family with three children. Toine is married, has two children and lives in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

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