Toine Dam

The driving force behind Whats your Motivation Agency is Toine Dam (1960). He is an active and energetic management consultant with an extensive background and scope.

A people manager with a genuine interest in what motivates people and organizations.
With its communicative power and positive attitude Toine and others can easily take in formulating the challenge of the job, going through the process and celebrate achievements. Toine keeps learning every day and gives others great pleasure to always keep improving themselves. Similarly, he also challenges you as a client, your professionals and potential cooperation partners.

Personal Values

There are three personal values that characterize Toine and the way he promotes collaboration:

» Authenticity means for me that I really dare to be myself (in feeling and doings), without thinking too hard about the consequences of it.

» Commitment to me means that I can move easily and quickly and empathize with the situation of others, in the context where that person is in or what he / she needs. My involvement expresses itself in offering a helping hand (active executive, listening, public interest / respect);

» Social responsibility means more to me than reason or act out of self interest. This tends -according to others- to a form of altruism. This is no longer a bad word for me anymore.


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