Why work with the ‘Whats your Motivation’ Agency?

It is important that you consciously choose to work with an agency that suits you. That's why we give you some insight into the genesis of the ‘Whats your Motivation’ agency.

‘Agency’  refers to the valuable experience which has experienced initiator Toine Dam to the police. Here he began his career as a cop and he took farewell after 16 years as an inspector. Both the police and the organizations Toine is then set in, played a major role in increasing social developments.

His method is clear, constructive and open. In cooperation and consultation with stakeholders, he thinks good working solutions and he is responsible for proper execution.

Because for Toine work begins by asking a challenge whose solution really surprised and possibly leading to new dreams. This challenge is for him the start of a fascinating process to find solutions that really make the difference. This process is often as important and interesting as the final result. 'Motivation' is the personal interest of Toine in the motives of people. Why do people do the things they do? For Toine these are an inexhaustible source of wonder and inspiration. In Agency Dynamic, these principles together and reinforce each other.


How is the cooperation with the ‘Whats your Motivation’ Agency?

Together we determine beforehand viable and challenging results. Then start the process that we go through together to achieve these results. Toine works with stakeholders to integrated, transparent, proactive and preventive solutions (for people, organization, culture, and process control) and explores new avenues. We focus on innovation, modernization and the binding and fascinating of people for new methods and responsibility for results. In a practical way we bring the potential of organizations, teams or people in place and we excite and exploit their learning ability. Both the process and the solution contribute to the strengthening of both professionals, organizations as clients and realize that everyone has a responsibility at all.


Some examples

Toine was asked to:

» Improve both the results as the relationships between teams of individual professionals.
» Develope a common practice for several (internal and external) stakeholders in the context of the cooperation in the approach of social security.

The idea was
primarily the challenge:

"To convince everyone to put their individual contribution to the overall interests of the organization on one hand and to look into the interest of the individual, such as career planning and other personal development opportunities.
"The interests of all stakeholders to bring into view and therefrom to formulate a common interest which everyone could agree.

was asked because of his:

» Style unifying leadership.
» Active development and social commitment among all stakeholders.

Looking back on the project and the cooperation with Toine in particular:

"I look back on an enthusiastic and energetic approach to the range that people were very personally involved and are treated with great respect.
"Through this process people learned to see each other's interests and to take into account. Toine it was mainly the connecting link.


What makes the collaboration with the Whats your Motivation Agency?

» A thorough and well thought out plan of action aimed at achieving viable and challenging results;
» An innovative, dynamic and energetic process that both inspires your employees as partners;
» Concrete, integrated solutions with measurable results;
» A sustainable change, where people continue to work from their personal commitment to the result.

Some examples:

As manager and freelancer I involved students and people with benefits several times to take part in projects for which I was responsible. Through this study-work form people felt (more) involved, learned to deal with (other) responsibilities and additionally gained work experience.


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